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From securing our elections to stopping defund the police scams to restoring medical freedom to saving our kids from propaganda in public schools, THIS IS THE MUST-ATTEND TRAINING EVENT OF THE YEAR to learn how to SAVE ARIZONA! is flying out Mark Herr from the Center for Self-Governance for an exciting day of civic education to make civic action EASY! The path to liberty starts with the learning system.


Rather than looking at bad government as a "them" running a corrupt swamp that can't be defeated, the Center for Self-Governance system teaches students how our government operates like it's an engine and We the People are the Mechanics & Pilot! Hundreds of CSG alumni have gone on to be elected officials and are instrumental in defeating federal government overreach in their local communities.


The all-day boot camp includes 3 classes: Arizona Constitution A100 Class, Fab Five Essentials of Freedom Express, and Guardian of the Government - Political Leadership 100. The Guardian of the Government Political Leadership class is a 3-part series. Students must participate in exercises after each class and pass a test before moving on to the next level. Part 2 and 3 sessions will likely be held in January and February.

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